Tiburon Homeowners Association
Tiburon Homeowners Association

Hello, from the Tiburon HOA


We're glad you found the online home of the Tiburon HOA. Our organization focuses on the betterment and beautification of the Tiburon community, a vibrant, family friendly, well-established and growing Sarpy County neighborhood near Gretna in the metropolitan Omaha area, bordered by Nebraska Highway 370 and Cornhusker Road, 168th and 180th streets.   


Residents of Tiburon's approximately 600 homes enjoy access to neighborhood parks, the convenience of nearby dining and shopping and the Gretna Public Schools. 


The Tiburon Homeowners Association stages several social events and activities annually, including the Fourth of July fireworks (set for July 3 in 2018), the Fall Festival and Christmas Party.  


Our organization is supported by the modest dues of $35 per year. Membership is voluntary. We'd love for you to join.  


Membership benefits include the opportunity for involvement in all of our activities. Members receive emails to update happenings in the community and information on upcoming events. Periodic meetings are held to address issues in the neighborhood and the HOA budget. The annual meeting features a guest speaker of community interest.  


In addition to membership dues, residents may contribute directly to our annual fireworks display, a success for several years, and other areas of HOA interest, such as cleanup events, beautification or a specific social event.  


Please click here to join the HOA or renew your dues.  


And we're always looking for volunteers. Click here to offer your time.  


The Tiburon Homeowners Association is not directly affiliated with Tiburon Golf Club or the Tiburon pool; we strive to enjoy good relationships with both entities in addition to Tiburon's three sanitary improvement districts (SIDs), which provide funding through tax dollars for street improvements and other necessities.