Tiburon Homeowners Association
Tiburon Homeowners Association


Covenants Committee and Legal Fund 


An HOA Covenants Committee exists to organize efforts to bring awareness to our neighborhood covenants and to enforce the covenants through legal action when other measures are unsuccessful. 


The covenants in many areas of Tiburon are no longer enforceable by SIDs because the sale of all undeveloped lots is complete. It is to the benefit of all residents in Tiburon that covenants are maintained. They were established to ensure the safety and value of our properties. 


The most common violations include vehicles and boats parked for extended periods of time in streets or driveways, fences that do not adhere to the regulations of the SID architectural committee, display of political signage and advertising and trash cans left outside on days when trash is not collected. 


The HOA board shares the concern of residents that violations will escalate if not addressed properly. It is the intent of the committee to notify residents in violation of covenants and to enhance the visibility of covenants. Legal action is a last resort. 


$10 from every member's annual dues goes to the covenants legal fund. These funds are kept separate from HOA operating expenses and used only to handle issues with covenants. Residents are encouraged to contribute additionally to the covenants fund if this issue is of importance to them. A line item is provided on the membership registration form. 


The committee includes a small group of residents, ideally, one point person from each area of the neighborhood with unique covenants. If you're interested in helping out, please contact us or indicate your interest on your registration form. 





Fairway Patio Homes
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Fairway Patio Homes (bylaws)
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Fairway Patio Homes (property owners information booklet)
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Fairway Pointe II
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Lakeside at Tiburon
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Tiburon (lots 16-66, 194-216)
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Tiburon (lots 67-76, 78-106, 160-193, 283-285, 287-339)
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Tiburon (lots 107-159)
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Tiburon Replat 8 (lots 1-17)
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Tiburon 2018 amendment for:
  • Tiburon (lots 1 -15, 217-282)
  • Tiburon Replat 11 (lot 1)
  • Tiburon Replat 9 (lot 1)
  • Tiburon Replat 12 (lots 1-2)
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Tiburon Estates
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Tiburon Ridge (lots 1-50)
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Tiburon Ridge (lots 51-94)
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Tiburon South
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Tiburon View
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Tiburon View II and III
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Tiburon Village (retail)
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